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Health and Safety


The Health and safety department started its job with the aim of keeping employees  away from danger within the company .This department has also holded so many classes to educate and inform employees
about their own helth and safety.

It is clear that in all factories, there are so many dangers in  working environments. Our Health and Saftey department tries to decrease all these danger possibilities by informing  and educating peronnels.

Abedi Industrial Group has done so many things to in this section which are as following:

1.preparing and distributing instructions.
2.Preparing and distributing protecting stuff like clothes, special shoes, suitable gloves, earmuffs and safety caps.
3.preparing and installing warning signs in especial environmentss.
4.Preparing and distributing safety information paper about chemical materials(MSDS) and distributing them among all departments.
5.Preparing hygenenic documents for all staff as soon as hiring them.
6.Equipping produtin line working environment with extinguishers.
7.Measuring all loss factors in workplace by Ramas Teb and environmental parameters by Arman Mohit Pak Iranian.

This department also has a schedule to hold some first-aim and fire extinguishing classes for its staff.
All in all this department tries to inform its employees to prevent them from dangerous events.